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modular packaging for education and play
Bottle truck

The bottle truck is a bottle that can be easily transformed in a truck, children just need to collect 3 extra caps. The bottle truck’s labels comes in different outfits (i.e. ambulance, garbagetruck, fire truck, see this pdf). Children can have fun with it exchanging the labels. The side opposite to the one with wheels could be cut off by parents to allow their children to fill up the truck with their imagination.

Knowledge cube

The knowledge cube is a set of small square bottles that can be stacked one on the top of each other and allows children to play simple games together (alone and/or with their parents) stacking per numbers, letters, smiley faces

Guess who

The ” Guess who” is a simple game that allow children to rotate the labels and mix the figures, there could be numbers, animals, vegetables, fruit, countries, shapes, etc. We thought to also add the the names of this figures in the lids in both english and the local spoken language to again prompt for parents-children interaction and stimulate the interests of parents in Early Childhood Cognitive Development ECCD

Story teller

The ” Story teller” label is meant for giving relevant information to parents and children. Rotating the labels parents (or older brother and sisters) can tell children a relevant story.

It is not how good you are, it is how good you want to be - P. Arden


Giving children the best start in life

Parents in low income communities have very little tools and information for ensuring their children will thrive in their first five years. Children are used to play with what they find in nature or collecting and recycling garbage items (tyres, wires, bottles, plastic bags, caps, etc.).

Giving children the best start in life, independently from where they are born and their social status, will benefit their communities and the world at large.

If children grow up in their first years with the opportunity to develop their cognitive capabilities they will be better positioned to positively impact their communities and society during their life's quest.

  • 85%

    of the human brain develops by age 5. It is more difficult to improve cognitive development later

  • 71 Million

    children across Africa don’t reach their full potential due to poverty and poor health, nutrition and care.

  • 50%

    of a child’s cognitive capacity is influenced by his/her environment


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